Research Projects
The GPSIC focuses on interdiciplinary research applied to aerospace and robotic systems geared towards solutions for technological and social needs. Some of the projects currently under way include:
Picture Fault tolerant control of multi-rotor vehicles: Development of solutions to improve robustness during flight of aerial multi-rotor vehicles, focusing on the ability to fully control airborne systems in the event of total failure of a rotor.
Picture Guidance, Navigation and Control for aerospace applications: Design, implementation and field deployment of GN&C algorithms for spacecraft launch vehicles in partnership with the National Commission of Space Activities (CoNAE).
Picture Cooperative Navigation and Control of Multiple Autonomous Robots: Techniques of coordinated control of aerial, ground, and marine unmanned vehicles for the development of cooperative tasks applied to environmental monitoring and science support.
Picture Identification and control of unmanned aerial vehicles: Design of state-of-the-art flight controllers for unmanned vehicles targeting specific application needs.
Picture Hybrid supervisory control systems: Development of strategies where supervisory controllers implement adaptive architectures to balance limited resources. The resulting systems comprise continuous, discrete-time and discrete-event dynamics, including event-based adaptation of discrete-time controllers.
Picture Marine Robotics: Development of autonomous surface vessels (ASV) for coastal mapping applications and enviromental monitoring.