Automatic Control theory and applications

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are aerial vehicles that can fly autonomously without the need of a pilot or human controller. This is possible thanks to the development of control, guidance and navigation algorithms which are continuously evolving. With the advancement of different fields of technology, the last decade has seen an unprecedented development and adoption of UAVs. New technologies like allow for small, low power, high precision navigation sensors. Global positioning systems like GPS allow for longer mission range. New processor technologies allow for fast, low power computation and vision-based navigation. Miniaturization of RF technologies allow for lower power, longer range communications. New material science applications allow for smaller, faster, lighter and more powerful motor technologies. New battery technologies allow for low weight, high current, high capacity batteries. Integration of all these new technologies with advanced control algorithms made possible new developments in UAV technology. Applications include a wide and growing range of fields including artistic performances, photography and video production, precision agriculture, geographic information systems, and remote sensing just to name a few.
  • Alejandro S. Ghersin, Juan Giribet, Patricio Moreno, Claudio Pose
Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) Control: Application to Magnetic Bearing Systems
LPV control is an extension of LTI H-infinity control methods, which is very versatile for certain nonlinear applications. All research of the group on the subject has been tested, either on simulations or experimentally on an application which can be considered a natural testbench for LPV control, namely, Magnetic Bearing systems. The MBC500 system has been the basis of much of the experimental work of the group on this subject. Currently, research on 4 DOF control of the MBC500 is in progress with emphasis on Switched LPV techniques.
  • Alejandro S. Ghersin, LPV Control of Magnetic Bearing Systems, 2003-2013.